What are Berry Cents?

        • Berry Cents are given to students from staff members for exceptional behavior, volunteering, etc. These can be used at the Berry Cent store held every two weeks.


Where can I find the latest information about SKES or MCPS?

        • SKES PTA will send weekly emails on Mondays with any new information or upcoming events. SKES administration usually sends a weekly email and call on Sunday evenings. The SKES PTA website, Facebook and Instagram pages will also have up to date information.

        • Sign up for Alert MCPS for emails and/or texts from MCPS and the county.



Where can I find more information?

        • Online resource list in the PTA welcome backet; PTA website, and school website.

Where can we find a directory of the teachers' emails?

Student Info

Where can we locate our child's student ID number?

        • Please contact the main office.

Teacher Communication

Are there ways to get an update on our child’s performance in the classroom, other than waiting for the parent teacher conference?

        • Emailing or contacting teachers via preferred communication method is acceptable.